Sunday, July 20, 2014

Writing Takes Time And Is Time Well-Spent

Writing takes time. If you haven’t figured this out, that’s okay, you will soon enough. How to make the most of your time depends on your experiences in writing. For me, I have learned to balance my personal life with my desire to write, and although writing is extremely personal for me it’s important I learned not to become so absorbed in my desire to write that I forget about the important things which matter, like family, friends, and work.

I usually make time for writing on my days off from work. I’m an early riser (6:00 AM) and enjoy the quiet in our office or dining room to whip out three to five pages. This takes anywhere from two to three hours (Yes, that long for so little), but that’s how it works when you write a book. Doesn’t happen overnight, but I do this consistently I can have anywhere from 260 to 300 pages in a year (a book!). This time-frame is practical when you consider the amount of research required for your book subject.

My latest work was completed on Thanksgiving morning (before the family arrived) and I shelved it for three months before returning to it for a first-time edit. This helped me look at my book with a fresh set of eyes. I also allowed someone to read my book and review it for feedback, a helpful thing. I knew I had hit home when the reader told me he found himself searching to look up some of the things I wrote about for more information. This means he paid attention and was intrigued.

I’ve been asked time and again how I find time to write. Well, like anything in life one must make the time. It’s no different than making time to go to the grocery store, exercising, going out on a date-night, and doing what needs to be done around the house. Pick a day where you can realistically spend two to three hours writing and in no time you’ll have yourself a book.

So to my fellow writers I say, I look forward to hearing about and reading your next book!

David Lucero, author

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Available On Kindle, Who's Minding the Store?

One manager. One store. A staff of back-stabbing assistants and employees who don't arrive for work on time. And over-demanding, and often wacky, customers who want the best products at the lowest price. Follow newly-promoted store manager, Derrick Payton, as he struggles to improve store sales in order to keep the company from closing their doors.

When Derrick gets transferred to The Design, Your Choice for Home Improvement's store in Encinitas, CA., he gets the shock of his life. His district manager tells him she has fired the previous store manager and is now giving him the job. The catch is he has one week to demonstrate strong sales or the company will shut the store and let everyone go     permanent!

Derrick must accomplish this impossible task with a pair of back-stabbing assistant managers who want his job, unaware of what's at stake. Upon arrival his first day he is met with employees who show no interest in answering phones, helping customers, and coming for work on time. And the clientele at this high-end retail business make his job tough, always asking for discounts, getting them, and still wanting more.

With his wife pushing him for a raise he knows he won't get, him trying to come up with ways to motivate employees who clearly do not want to work, and customers asking to speak with the manager every minute of the day, Derrick can't help but to wonder....Who says the customer is always right?

WHO'S MINDING THE STORE? is now available on Kindle.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Who's Minding the Store? in Paperback

Wholesale chaos in the world of Retail...
Derrick Payton, assistant manager of a high-end home improvement store, has been waiting nine years for a promotion to full store manager.  Now, the job has fallen into his lap.  Unfortunately, the store he’s been handed is on a downhill skid, and he only has a week to turn it around.
Now he has to battle crazy customers, employees who think the time clock is optional, and the dreaded Wicked Witches of the West—a pair of back-stabbing female associates who are determined to see him go down in flames.
His wife is pushing him to ask for a raise; his staff is trying to push him out the door; and his customers are about to push him over the edge.  Caught in the middle, Derrick can’t help but wonder...
Who says the customer is always right?

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Sandman

Code Name: SANDMAN
The CIA's top saboteur infiltrates the Bushehr Nuclear Research Facility in Iran, and starts a fire that threatens a core meltdown.  To bring the reactor under control, the Iranian technicians must restore coolant flow immediately, but the Sandman has barricaded himself inside the secondary control room, cutting off access to the necessary controls.
With time running out, a brilliant Iranian military officer takes charge of the battle against the deadly intruder.  The two men match wits as each tries to outmaneuver the other in the dark corridors of the underground complex.  With each passing second, the temperature in the reactor core climbs higher. 
The Sandman’s deadly strike comes as a shock to many of the people in positions of power.  Is he operating under orders, or has he gone rogue?  And what will happen if he manages to trigger a Chernobyl-scale nuclear catastrophe on Iranian soil?
The countdown is on...